Grooming Services

Does your dog need to look runway ready?  Our experienced team can handle all of your dog’s grooming needs, from nail trims to baths to haircuts. We take the necessary time to ensure that every dog gets a thorough cleaning, drying, trimming, and breed-appropriate styling (or custom styling per your instructions). Appointments are strongly recommended.

In addition to a la carte services, we offer grooming packages:

Grooming Prices
Nail Trim (We use a dremel™) - $20

Baths (Includes Wash, Dry, and Brush) - From $35*

Gentle Bath & Tidy - From $50*
This service includes:
  • Bath and Conditioner
  • Clip and file nails
  • trim pads
  • trim paws
  • trim face
  • clean ears
  • clean sanitary area
  • relieve glands if necessary
  • light spritz of cologne (if desired)
  • bows and/or bandana

Full custom style - from $75*
Whether it is a breed cut or a particular style you have in mind, tell us what you want. We listen!
This service includes:
  • All of the benefits of the Gentle Bath and Tidy
  • A custom cut and style that fits your dog beautifully

* Prices dependent upon size, breed, coat condition, temperament, etc.