Day Care Prices
Doggie Day Care – $31per day or $22 per half day (5 hours or less)
Day Care Packages
5-visit Day Care Package - $139 (Good for 5 full day care visits)
10-visit Day Care Package - $269 (Good for 10 full day care visits)
15-visit Day Care Package - $399 (Good for 15 full day care visits)
30-visit Day Care Package - $779 (Good for 30 full day care visits)
Boarding Prices
Standard Rate – $44/night
Multi-pet (same household) – $39/night
* Sunday pick-ups also pay for 1 daycare day
Grooming Prices
Nail Trim (We use a dremel™) - $20

Baths (Includes Wash, Dry, and Brush) - From $35*

Gentle Bath & Tidy - From $50*
This service includes:
  • Bath and Conditioner
  • Clip and file nails
  • trim pads
  • trim paws
  • trim face
  • clean ears
  • clean sanitary area
  • relieve glands if necessary
  • light spritz of cologne (if desired)
  • bows and/or bandana

Full custom style - from $75*
Whether it is a breed cut or a particular style you have in mind, tell us what you want. We listen!
This service includes:
  • All of the benefits of the Gentle Bath and Tidy
  • A custom cut and style that fits your dog beautifully

* Prices dependent upon size, breed, coat condition, temperament, etc.
Other Services
Initial Temperament Test - $25
Bordatella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine - $25/dog